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AWP EWP Medicine Hat

Aerial (Elevated) Work Platform

This course provides students a basic understanding of elevated work platform operation, including the following:

  • Legislation and standards as pertaining to elevated work platforms

  • Recent statistical information, workplace incidents, and the requirement for training

  • Elements of pre-work planning, including hazard assessment, elimination and controls

  • Conducting a pre-use check and visual inspection

  • Employer and worker responsibilities

  • Load limitations and calculations

  • Machine specific features

  • PPE

  • Stability

  • Working from heights

  • Platform types

  • System components

  • Safely operating an elevated work platform in the field

Following the theory and exam portion of the course, participants will operate an elevated work platform to demonstrate competence with the equipment.

Course Requirements

To participate in the AWP/EWP course, participants must have a current fall protection certificate. The practical session is conducted outside, so participants must dress appropriately for the weather.

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