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Air Brakes

Our air brake training program meets all Alberta Transportation requirements for individuals to obtain their “Q” endorsement. Topics covered include braking fundamentals, fundamentals of compressed air, vehicle braking systems, tactics for air system failure, mode diagnosis, troubleshooting, brake adjustments/ inspections (theory and hands-on).

This inclusive course incorporates description, operation and service elements associated with dual air brake systems:
-brake fundamentals
-air brake system
-supply circuit
-service circuits
-park brake circuit
-tractor/trailer circuits
-system failures
-foundation brakes
-driving tips
-vehicle inspections


To preview the Air Brakes manual and all components covered, see here: AirBrakes

The practical component is comprised of demonstration of the in-cab air/air brake inspection. Students will have two practice sessions then be tested on the air brake inspection process. Maximum time for the exam is 15 minutes; passing grade is 80%.

This course will also provide motorhome operators with the required air brakes certification.


After completion of the course and practical exam, students will be required to complete a written exam at an Alberta Registry Office before being able to apply the certification to their license. Fees associated with this exam are set by and paid to the registry at the time of testing. The Air Brakes course fee is due at time of registration.

Classroom/practical portion is approximately 10 hours.

Course Requirements

To obtain an Air Brakes certification, you must present a valid Alberta driver's license to the registry when you attempt the knowledge exam, or be prepared to change your out-of-province license to an Alberta license.

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