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Driver Training

We are the only certified commercial driver training school in Medicine Hat. All road exams are booked through the local registries and administered by Alberta Transportation examiners. Truck rental is available for road exams.

As of February 1, 2023, you may take your driving exam with an automatic transmission, but there will be a restriction placed on your license. Please read this FAQ for more information.

Driver evaluations are available as well; please call the office for more information.

CLASS 1 (MELT) - Monthly Starts

Looking to upgrade your license to a Class 1? We are certified to offer the mandated training program.

Driver Training Component: Course Fee $10,000

  • 72.5 hours of driver training (includes chain up, pre-trip, in-cab air, road time, and progress review)

  • 40.5 hours of classroom instruction

  • View the full description of MELT components here: Class 1 MELT Curriculum

Additional costs: registry fees, air brakes certification, driver's medical, truck rental for exam


Drivers who have held an Alberta Class 3 driver’s licence or the equivalent driver’s licence from another Canadian jurisdiction for two (2) or more years MAY qualify to take this program.

Driver Training Component: Course Fee $4,000

Additional costs: registry fees, air brakes certification, driver's medical, truck rental for exam

You must be approved by Alberta Transportation for this course. See application HERE.

Call 403-528-3779 for more information

Looking to upgrade your license to a Class 3? One of our instructors will assess your driving experience and skills and customize a training package to suit your needs and ensure the program provides the training and information needed to prepare for the road test.

Training is one-on-one with the instructor. Components of the training include the following:
-pre-trip inspection
-in-cab air
-in-cab safety
-downhill park
-uphill park

Additionally, in-truck instruction will cover all areas to be tested on the government road exam:
-control (equipment, steering, shifting, gears, clutching, brakes/accelerator, signals)
-lane driving/changing/position
-traffic lights/signs

Driver Training Cost for Class 3: $140 per hour (number of hours dependent on driving needs)

Call 403-528-3779 for more information

The student must have completed the Air Brakes Course, Driver’s Medical (Class 1 only), and relevant Alberta Registry Knowledge Exam prior to driver training. Fees are set by the registry and are subject to change; approximate costs are approximately $20 for the knowledge exam, $155 for the Class 3 road test, and $217 for the Class 1 road test. Class 3 road exam is 1.5 hours - charge for truck rental is $175 for the road exam; Class 1 road exam is 2 hours – charge for truck rental is $250 for the road exam.



We have a Commercial Driver Training Program (CDP) available. You must apply for this program and be approved by Alberta Labour to be sponsored for the Class 1 (MELT), Experience and Equivalency, or Class 3 training. Seat availability is very limited.

For more details, click HERE


Driving-Related Training Courses



Our air brake training program meets all Alberta Transportation requirements for individuals to obtain their “Q” endorsement. Topics covered include braking fundamentals, fundamentals of compressed air, vehicle braking systems, tactics for air system failure, mode diagnosis, troubleshooting, brake adjustments/inspections (theory and hands-on).

This inclusive course incorporates description, operation and service elements associated with dual air brake systems:
-brake fundamentals
-air brake system
-supply circuit
-service circuits
-park brake circuit
-tractor/trailer circuits
-system failures
-foundation brakes
-driving tips
-vehicle inspections


To preview the Air Brakes manual and all components covered, see here: AirBrakes

Practical component is comprised of demonstration of the in-cab air/air brake inspection. Students will have two practice sessions then be tested on the air brake inspection process. Maximum time for the exam is 15 minutes; passing grade is 80%.

This course will also provide motorhome operators with the required air brakes certification.


After completion of the course and practical exam, students will be required to complete a written exam at an Alberta Registry Office before being able to apply the certification to their license. Fees associated with this exam are set by and paid to the registry at the time of testing (approximately $20). Air Brakes course fee is $210, payable at time of registration.

Classroom/practical portion is approximately 10 hours.


Want a refresher because you have taken the course already or want to sit it again before taking the knowledge exam? We can register you in a session - no practical exam necessary. Fee is $100, payable at time of registration. All registrations for this option must be done by phone. Bring your book with you or purchase a new one for $20. Call 403-528-3779 if you would like to register for this option.



Our fatigue management program (approximately 2.5 hours) is designed to inform professional drivers of the signs of driver fatigue, the responsibilities of the driver and employer, and the methods by which a driver can manage fatigue. In addition to discussing what fatigue is, the circadian rhythm, and myths related to fatigue management, participants are encouraged to examine their personal lifestyles and consider changes to ensure they are ready and able to work.


The course includes a final exam and a certificate of completion.


This course (approximately 4 hours) reviews the highlights of the Federal Hours of Service Regulations. It emphasizes such aspects as carrier and driver obligations, terminology, commonly asked questions and correct documentation.

Specialized Hours of Service sessions can be delivered for companies operating under an Oilfield Exemption Permit.

Our Hours of Service (log books) workshop provides commercial vehicle drivers and motor carriers with the knowledge needed to properly fill out a driver’s daily log, to stay within the regulated hours of service, and to complete all associated forms.


This course includes a final exam and a certificate of completion.



Our load securement workshop (approximately 2.5 hours) covers all particulars associated with the North American Cargo Securement Standard. These include the fundamentals of load securement, general cargo securement regulations such as the securement system, containing, immobilizing and securing cargo, and inspection requirements.


The course includes a final exam and a certification of completion.



Designed by Energy Safety Canada, the Oilfield Driver Improvement (approximately 7 hours) training course’s purpose is to provide a petroleum industry training standard for workers engaged in oil field driving and transportation. ODA is intended for oilfield truck drivers operating vehicles 4500 kg GVW and over. Topics include Professional driving attitude, regulations, and policies, National Safety Code requirements, proper vehicle inspection, securing loads, off-highway driving techniques, and road conditions and hazards.


Following successful completion of this course, you will receive an Energy Safety Canada

training certificate (valid for three years) and an Alberta Transportation “Record of Driver Education”.

NOTE: Successful course completion qualifies you for a one-time reduction of up to three

demerits points from your Alberta driver’s license, within two years of the course date.

You MUST bring photo ID to the course.

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