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ODA defensive driving Medicine Hat

Energy Safety Canada:
Oilfield Driver Awareness (ODA)

Designed by Energy Safety Canada, the Oilfield Driver Improvement (approximately 7 hours) training course’s purpose is to provide a petroleum industry training standard for workers engaged in oil field driving and transportation. ODA is intended for oilfield truck drivers operating vehicles 4500 kg GVW and over.


Topics include Professional driving attitude, regulations, and policies, National Safety Code requirements, proper vehicle inspection, securing loads, off-highway driving techniques, and road conditions and hazards.

Following successful completion of this course, you will receive an Energy Safety Canada

training certificate (valid for three years) and an Alberta Transportation “Record of Driver Education” that qualifies you for a one-time reduction of up to three demerits points from your Alberta driver’s license, within two years of the course date.


Why ODA Certification Matters

For those working in Alberta under an oilfield exemption permit, this course is one of the mandatory requirements. Participants completing this course, regardless of the reason, learn tactics to improve their driving behaviour and better understand the factors that influence driver attitudes. 

Course Requirements

To participate in the Oilfield Driver Awareness (ODA) course, all students must present government-issued photo ID. To qualify for the demerit reduction certificate, students must present a valid Alberta driver's license.

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