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Global ground disturbance medicine hat

Global Ground Disturbance
Levels I & II

This is GLOBAL’s program, which is user-friendly, with quality content that is technically accurate and industry recognized. This edition of Ground Disturbance training reflects the current standards of the OHS code, AEUB Pipeline Regulations, National Energy Board requirements and IRP-17.

In the Ground Disturbance course you will learn:

  • About a certificate of title

  • What a Ground Disturbance is, why it happens and the consequences of those actions

  • How to recognize company markers and visible indicators

  • About notification and giving notification

  • Understanding plot plans, line locating, marking colors, and the right-of-way

  • How to conduct pre-job safety meetings

  • Understanding exposure and hand exposure techniques

  • All about inspections

  • What an underground facility is and what a contact is

  • What regulations apply to Ground Disturbance

  • The six steps of Ground Disturbance: Pre-Job Planning, Searching the Area, Notification, Locating and Marking, Exposure, and Inspection

  • How to effectively understand written external and internal approvals

  • How to search the area – including sourcing for the search and conducting the search

Why Ground Disturbance Certification Matters

The type of work, scope of project, location, time of year, weather conditions and many other factors can create further hazards or change the risk of expected ones. Understanding the implications of breaking ground will help ensure safety for any ground disturbance activity.

Course Requirements

To participate in the Ground Disturbance course, all participants must present government-issued photo ID. 

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