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Home Alone Course

Is your child ready to stay home for short periods of time while you are at work, running an errand, or simply out of the house? In this program, we will discuss the importance of self care, responsibility, and staying safe.


In the Home Alone Course, students will learn valuable safety skills like following house rules, safe snacking, staying safe online and in the community, fire safety, injury prevention and basic first aid.

Why Taking a Home Alone Course Matters

Taking a Home Alone Course will help your children to learn about important life skills and will give ‘peace of mind’ to the parent or caregiver! Often, hearing from another adult what has been taught at home will help to reinforce the importance of what parents and caregivers have as rules.

Course Requirements

To participate in the Home Alone Course, each person must be 9 or older.

What to Bring

Bring a snack if desired, and something to drink.

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